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Sixty miles and six decades from the Twin Cities lies Cabin at Riverside. Cabin at Riverside is the quaint get away you have been searching for. This 1920’s meticulously restored cabin sits on the shore of majestic Lake Pepin.  Its intimate location and antique furnishings makes it the ideal spot for you to “get away from it all.”  Enjoy and relax while canoeing on the calm waters of Lake Pepin or enjoy a bottle of wine watching the sun set from the private dock.

Revitalize in the vibrance and natural beauty of Stockholm both day and night. The winding, rolling country roads provide many opportunities for biking, hiking, running, and eagle watching. A clear night on Lake Pepin offers a star gazing experience that you won’t soon forget.

Cabin at Riverside is the quiet and relaxing get away you have been yearning for. Enjoy quiet time with your loved one on the rolling shores of Lake Pepin and star gazing on a crystal clear night on the dock. Rejuvenate with your and reconnect in peace. 

Be alone and enjoy the quiet with no outside disturbances or demands. Use your time here to relax and get away or to finish a project without interruption.

Quiet and intimate setting, yet, accessible. Cabin at Riverside is located on the scenic shores of Lake Pepin and less than 5 miles from the charming Village of Stockholm where you can experience the history, venues and unique culture.

Lake Pepin is a naturally occurring lake, and the widest naturally occurring part of the Mississippi River. It is a widening of the river on the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin.